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Maximize Impact, Minimize Spend

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Custom Plan

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Get ahead with our exclusive offer: Save 20% when you switch to our yearly plan! 🚀



Ready to take your startup to the next level? Apply for our startup pricing plan now and start optimizing your hiring process with Hiroo. Contact us today!

First year up to 90% discount! 

Startup Pack includes:

  • Flexible pricing plans or customizable packages tailored specifically for startups

  • Priority customer support

  • Extended trial periods

  • Access to exclusive resources

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Special offer

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees!

Dive into our premium features risk-free! Experience the power of our platform with a free trial – no credit card required! 🚀
Sign up now and explore all the benefits hassle-free.

  • Why take a demo?
    Your hiring processes and workflows are unique and critical to your entire team’s efficiency. We therefore feel it is important to invest a short amount of time upfront to ensure Hiroo is the right fit to set you up for success. The call will quickly cover your hiring goals, give you a brief demo of the relevant product features and workflows, and allow you to assess whether we have the right solution.
  • What are my payment options?
    You can select a monthly or annual plan. Annual plans include 20% savings relative to the equivalent monthly option. Monthly and annual plans can be paid by credit card, direct deposit, and wire transfers.
  • How does pricing work for startups?
    We offer discounts on the Starter plan for early-stage companies. You pay 90% off for your first year and 50% off for your second. You can reach out to [email protected] to learn if you are eligible for Hiroo startup program.
  • Is there a referral bonus if we refer new customers?
    Yes! In addition to giving the new customers a 20% discount on their account, we apply a 10% amount credit to your account for every activated customer that comes through your referral. You just need to email us before the referral.
  • Does Hiroo charge for implementation and setup?
    No – implementation is included in the overall subscription fee. We support all of our Business customers with a dedicated customer success manager to support your talent team’s implementation, onboarding, and consulting on best practices. Starter customers have access to our Customer Success and Support teams.
  • How do I cancel my plan?
    You can reach out to [email protected], or contact your dedicated customer success manager if you need to cancel your plan.


Asked Questions

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